Dance, Computer, Dance

by Ray Grasso

Replacing Google Analytics with GoAccess

I removed Google Analytics from my sites1 but still wanted access to some simple request statistics on them. Turns out GoAccess gives me most of what I need by analysing my Apache access logs.

The main challenges I ran into were, working out the correct flags for GoAccess, feeding compressed and uncompressed access logs at the same time, and ignoring junk requests from internet pests.

I pulled together a bash script that handles this, the essence of which is below.

# Analyse all log files
{ cat /var/www/mysite/logs/access.log; zcat /var/www/mysite/logs/access.log.*.gz; } | \
  # Strip out junk requests
  grep -v -E '\.php|jmx-console|\.cgi|phpmyadmin|dbadmin' | \
  # Fire up goaccess using the correct log file format for consolidated apache logs
  goaccess --log-format='%h %^[%d:%t %^] \"%r\" %s %b \"%R\" \"%u\"' --date-format='%d/%b/%Y' --time-format='%H:%M:%S' --ignore-crawlers
  1. A) It does way more than I need. B) I still don’t understand how to use it properly. C) It needlessly collects and sends your information off to the Big G.